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Remember Who’s in the Positivity Driver’s Seat (Hint: It’s You!)


Life gets complicated. That’s just fact. When we talk about transforming your worldview and the way you approach life’s challenges, we aren’t doing so lightly. We understand that it won’t always be easy. Some days it may feel downright impossible to maintain the positivity that you’ve built. When it gets tough, and it feels like control is being wrestled from your very capable hands, it’s important to remember who’s really at the helm of your life. (Hint: It’s you.) In order to make remembering that easier, here are a few things to consider and implement along your journey.

It’s All in the Habits

Positivity is a habit as much as anything else. If the habits that promote positivity in your life have gotten off track, it stands to reason that your positive mindset will wane, too. When this happens, the solution is simple – get back in the habit of those habits! Start with just one (the one that got you the most excited at the start of this journey is always a good place to start) and add the others as you get into the rhythm. You’ll be back to your positive self in no time.

How to Habit Stack Effectively

When you’re ready to add more positive habits on top of your existing ones, consider using habit stacking as a technique to help you remember them all, consistently. Habit stacking is essentially a way to tie things together in your mind so that you flow from one habit to the next without even thinking. For example, it might look like this: your first habit is to get out of bed and walk across the room to turn off your alarm. After you turn off your alarm, you go downstairs and start the coffee. After the coffee has started you sit down and do a few morning pages in your journal. After your morning pages are complete, you pour a cup of coffee and open the blinds in the living room. After the blinds are opened, you review your schedule for the day and plan the rest of your day accordingly. Just like that, you’ve set yourself up for success with a formula that can be reliably repeated morning after morning. The habits you stacked in that example would be as follows: turning off the alarm, starting the coffee, morning pages, opening blinds, review schedule, plan day. Do them all in that order until they become a routine that you hardly have to think twice about and you’ll be surprised to see the difference in your daily life.

Make Note of Impact

When you make an adjustment to your daily routine or your social circles, make note of how that changes your internal landscape. Make note of how it changes your mood, your thought processes, and the way you interact with the world around you. This is a powerful way to remind yourself that the changes you made have an impact, and to see the results from your decisions. Nothing reminds you you’re in the driver’s seat of your own positivity faster than that!

Celebrate Small Successes

This journey is no small feat. It’s also not the kind of thing with a final destination. Unleashing your Personal Positivity Superpower is something you have to do every day. If you didn’t celebrate wins both big and small, there would be no way to get through! Plus, it’s important to remember that celebrating is a positive thing! By celebrating the small wins as well as the big you’re reminding yourself that each day is work celebrating – and that’s something you deserve to remember.

Life can feel overwhelming, dark clouds can feel like they’re lingering over your head, and positivity can feel out of reach at times. But it’s not. It’s within your grasp every day. All you have to do is make the decision to take it and implement it. After all, you’re in control.

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